Sunday, July 23, 2006

Moooving along

Although I wasn't planning on moving this week, that's exactly what I did on Thursday and Friday. My beautifully organized craft room now looks like - and verily even IS - the picture at left. You see an ironing board, cutting table, sewing table, and various other paraphenalia of the crafty trade. The room is Very Pink, to go with my formerly Very Pink daughter.

My Very Pink daughter now has a Pastel Room. It's even neat, tidy, and organized. (Until this afternoon, when two friends descended upon her for the day, night, and another day. We hope to find a room there again on Tuesday.) And that is where the end of my week went.

But children must sleep sometime, or at least be in bed to rest, and I did manage to finish one mitten, and make a good beginning on the next. And the pink pillowcase lace is waiting for a good pillowcase to land upon, and a bit of blocking. Given the state of the craft room, the fomer might not be available for some time.

I did place that KP order (the broken needle became more of an encumbrance than a challenge), and decided to fill it out with some Dancing (to rescue the orphan 2/3rd skeins I have from making other socks), Parade, and ScarfStyle. I should be finishing off the Sampler Mittens tomorrow, and then will come time to pick a new project. Scarf? Mittens? Lace?

Maybe I'll decide to Find the Craft Room instead?

In my non-knitting life, I'm watching a teensy tiny quarter-sized watermelon grow, waiting for tomatoes to turn even a hint of pink, fighting the never-ending battle against laundry, beginning to think I should be planning for school this fall, and studying Euclid and Greek.

I should probably ponder 'multum, non multa' also. Our 'multum' consists of Math and Latin. Writing has become a priority, and with that I am trying to figure out how to discuss literature. The other subjects we have are Geography and Science, with a bit of Fallacy Detective on the side. I try to keep our day from being Math with a bit of Latwrisciopgraphive stuck in for balance ... but that's the way I lean. Math is such a great subject.

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Denise said...

I love the craft room! It is going to be fabulous and fabulously pink.

And please do tell: what is Latwrisciopgraphive?? I looked it up and everything ...