Saturday, June 25, 2005

Wherever did this week go?

This week has been a blur of editing things on the computer, waiting for the computer to respond, rebooting the computer because it's not responding, and editing things. I have managed to get over half a sock knit while waiting for the computer, so it's not all bad. Uploading a picture of our dog Terry just took 40 stitches. Sure wish I'd been able to give this computer to dh, and get the brand new one he now is using. My turn will come, though. One of these years.

Dan was kind enough to mail off my MK box a week ago. Through a comedy of errors, I asked him to send it media mail - which it wasn't - and we were only charged for a 1 lb box - which it wasn't. I talked with the postmaster yesterday about paying the extra postage, which is a good thing. And found out that we've not heard from the Lost Mail office about my Lost Package, which contained all the books on my wanted list from the past year or two. Used. Cheap. Rats.

So, what have I been knitting? Dishcloths, when my attention needs to be elsewhere. Finishing baby socks (preemie socks?) from IK, with an interesting bind-off at the toe. It makes for quite a ridge, but on the outside, so as long as they're not to be worn with snug shoes, they'll be fine. And my box of new yarns came, so I have started one pair of socks, and will be starting the vest tomorrow. I love starting new projects.

I have been reading manuscripts. And proofing manuscripts. I heartily recommend never, ever having 10 projects to lay out, style, and proof at the same time. When I've not been doing that, I've been reading posts about the next 3 projects. Or calculating cost data. Or putting on my Accountant hat. I did actually sneak away from the computer long enough to read Lloyd Alexander's The Gawgon and the Boy. Charming book. Had some poems in it that we learned this past year, like Shakespeare's "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day" and Requiem, by an author whose name doesn't escape me, but neither is it standing out from the other authors I know of. It was a good book to read. This week I shall read Once Upon a Marigold, a rather silly princess-type story that I was delighted to stumble across again at the library. Piper's Future Grace and Uncle Tom's Cabin (not by Piper) are also on my to-do list, but really ... with so much serious reading going on about trochaic and feet and vestitution, my away-from-the-computer reading can be light. I also have been walking the dog.

This coming week will be filled with more editing, more knitting, more reading, and a bona fide Moms' Day Out on Thursday. Mom and I haven't decided if we'll head up to the Cities, or stay local. Regardless, it will be a good day.

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