Thursday, June 16, 2005

A joyous week!

I'm not sure where this week has gone, but it has gone quickly and well. The children and I spent a good bit of time over the weekend looking at, and on Monday went to the Animal Shelter to see if one of the little cuties we had been dreaming about was available for adoption still. They weren't. Another dog had just been brought in, however, and although the shelter knew next to nothing about him, I figured a terrier-type that could quietly wander around a room with 4 children, 30 cats, several adults, and a door constantly opening and closing as people went in and out probably had some good things going for him. We brought Terry home, and have been pleased as punch. He's housetrained, crate trained, kid-proof, and seems ideal in every way. My mom came along to the shelter with us, and ended up adopting a dog herself.

My level II material is in a bag, waiting for a box, and I am ready to get it mailed. It's pretty close to the suggested weight limit of 5 lbs, so I'm waiting to hear from the guild about whether or not they'd like me to include the whole pattern book as per the directions, or have an alternative that will weigh less.

Since finishing the vest, I've made two dishcloths, one pair of felted slippers, and have started in on the Baby Socks from Summer 2005 Interweave Knits. Gotta be knitting something! Today I ordered yarn for 3 projects - 2 socks, and one Scandinavian-style vest which will be a delight to knit up in alpaca/silk.

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