Friday, June 10, 2005

A sad day

It's been 11 months since his diagnosis of kidney disease, and today our beloved beagle Snoopy died. We miss him, and his death leaves us petless since the family hamster passed away at a ripe old age about two weeks ago. Everyone feels a little bit lost, and I keep looking for the next puddle to clean up.

Not much has been happening in my knitting world. Well, perhaps that is an understatement. I finished off the berry socks, began and finished Dickey Von Beethoven in KnitPicks' Shine Twist Cabin yarn (almost exactly two balls for the project ... which means almost no leftovers!), poked yet another hole in my index finger with my size 2 needles as I worked on the gray vest ... 8 rows to go until I am FINISHED! and have just begun some Mohair Ballet Slippers from Felted Knits for a friend. The Berry socks found a home with another friend, also. Once I get the vest done, I'll put together a bibliography for my Master Knitter answers and get that packet sent off. I'll then have at least six weeks of free time before I can even think of starting on the next level, or more probably, redos for my current level. Problem is, I'm just a wee bit short on projects. Oh dear - I'll have to find something. One pair of socks is most assuredly NOT enough to keep me knitting for 6 weeks. Perhaps it's time to dive into my son's sweater? Time will tell.

Goal for this week: Get that gray vest and accompanying materials out the door! Or at least onto the blocking board and drying.

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Denise said...

Poor snoopy. I am sorry to hear that he died; it is so hard to lose a beloved pet.