Saturday, July 02, 2005

Can it already be Saturday? My calendar says it is, but it certainly doesn't seem like a week has gone by already. For one thing, I haven't done enough knitting. I hope that tomorrow will see the end of the socks I started last week, and the start of a next pair. The vest has been started, but doesn't seem to be going very quickly. Not all that surprisingly, vests don't knit themselves while sitting in a box. I am on my 3rd skein of main color, so SOME knitting has occured.

Editing and uploading has played a major part in my week. By next Saturday, I am hopeful that I will be finished with all that I am working on now, and will have a teeny break in which to contemplate this fall and schooling. Really, things are pretty well set. We'll continue on with
  • Singapore Math
  • Oerberg's Lingua Latina
  • Classical Writing
  • Greek
and for a bit of balance to my language and math strengths, toss in Tapestry of Grace. I am not sure how I am going to blend it all together ... that's the planning part. It's been so easy thus far, with two bookworms, to check out some library books, wait two weeks, and then find where the books have disappeared to. But at soon-to-be 9 and 10 years old, my students are getting to the point where I ought to be doing more discussion of their reading with them. I'd rather read than discuss something myself, or at least knit while discussing it, so this year promises to be interesting. I try to add just one new thing a year, and this year, it's TOG/discussion. And if my missing box every arrives, my son will have Runkle's Geography to delight himself with. I can honestly say I wish the post office would have lost a yarn delivery rather than the particular box it did. Rather than my Master Knitting box? That's a hard call. The box, by the way, did arrive in Ohio and has been sent out to some evaluators. I hope they find my work a pleasure to review, instead of a painful exercise in counting mistakes, oversights, and dumb errors.

I have been reading more fiction again. This week has seen The Shakespeare Stealer and Gypsy Rizka in my hands. And some non-fiction too, all dog oriented. I've read The Dogs of Bedlam Farm, Don't Shoot the Dog, Adoptable Dog, and -- you guessed it -- other dog books. I didn't particularly care for Adoptable Dog, but it does give you good things to think about when choosing a pet from a shelter.

Next week at this time, besides having polished off some editing work, I hope to have finished the sock on my needles, be at least halfway to the armpits on my vest, be current on my Bible study homework, and have made good progress on teaching our dog 'down.' 'Sit' is going pretty well, and if I can teach him 'down' ... well, I've NEVER been able to teach a dog that. If I can, it shows that reading lots of books (especially the right ones) can make a person a better trainer.

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