Sunday, July 17, 2005

Happy Birthday, Abigail!

My daughter (the pink one) is now in double digits. She'll cheerfully tell you she has attained one tenth of a century. Her brother will add that she is now a decade, or half a score old. She had a delightful party with a small group of friends, and is settling well into the responsibilities of a 10-year old on summer vacation.

Our dog still doesn't know the command 'down.' I have, however, learned some things about him. For one, his appetite is bigger than the vet thought. He is MUCH easier to live with when fed 1-1/2 cups of dog food a day, instead of the 1 the vet recommended. And for another, he is much more amenable to being trained to lie down when he is exhausted. A two mile walk in 90+ degree heat, followed by clicking and treating for lying down, works wonderfully. And speaking of heat, we are now enjoying the 3rd longest streak of days 90 degrees and over since records began to be kept. Today is supposed to be the last day of the streak, hooray. The computer is just 7 ft from the window a/c, but still .. it's nice to sleep every once in a while, and that's upstairs and a great deal further from that same a/c.

My editing came to an abrupt end on Thursday, when we launched a new website with several book offerings. After a brief hiatus where I had nothing more to do than check on sales, I'm back to the salt mines with another two books. I'll take 2 over 10 any day. As well as editing, I'm learning about spreadsheets, accounting, and tax laws.

I finished the sock that was on my needles, and the next pair of socks as well.
This picture was actually taken before my last blog entry ... the next pair of socks is the same pattern, but in blues and purples. The vest, made from a lovely blend of silk, alpaca, and wool, is nearing completion. Today I sewed and sliced the steeks, leaving just the neck placket and the armhole linings to go. After I finish this vest, my project list is looking pretty skimpy. I should find out what I need to re-do for MK level II in the next couple of weeks, but beyond that, my needles are free for doodling. Fortunately, I have some yarn that's free for doodling too.

I was inspired last week by my friend Lene to again pick up (after finding) Lilith, by George MacDonald. It's quite different from The Princess and Curdie. Very quite different. Once I finish it, I'll probably go back to the beginning and start over again. Reading it in my 30s is certainly different from reading it at 17.

What shall I have done by next week? Finish the vest, or at least use up all the yarn I have for it and order whatever else I need, and do a better job on being prepared for Bible Study. I've got day 1 of 5 done, and there's one day left until we meet.

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