Wednesday, March 02, 2016

It's been a wee bit topsy turvy

 First, we have a finished mitten.  One, singular, solitary mitten -- because there is not enough of the brown OR tan yarn for another mitten.  It's a nice sample, and may remind me that when I shuffle the beginning of the round on the fly so as to have the tip of the mitten look pretty, the cuff pattern goes askew. 
Then we have my kitchen.  This is what it looked like before Filia and I headed off to my mom's house on the 22nd of February.  It is a wee bit crowded.  The dining room looked like the photo below.
 Then, after staying at my mom's for two days, Filia and I headed down to Kansas for a funeral, came back the next day, and stayed at my mom's for another five days before the drywallers were finished, leaving that corner of the dining room looking like the photo below.
We have been cleaning.  And cleaning, and cleaning, and cleaning.  I've done some knitting too -- most notably, a modified Nattrojer for myself out of Crushed Raspberry Frangipani.  I love having scope for organizing things, and this past week has certainly had an abundance of scope!  Mom and I did a good bit of decluttering at her house, and Filia and I have been wielding dust clothes, vacuums, and mops with a vengeance.  The house is liveable, and so today we are going to bake bread in our Very Own Kitchen (as opposed to making treats for church in someone else's kitchen, because our kitchen was somewhat occupied with living room furniture.  That was the 26th.) 

And since I'm still catching up .... see you next week!

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