Thursday, March 24, 2016

After the paint

After the paint, I have a lovely blue room.  Cheerful, blue, uncluttered ... no doubt that will change.  My next job is finding someone to build a bookcase, then getting an estimate, then recovering from sticker shock and deciding if there will be a built-in bookcase or not.  

With the painting out of the way, there has been much more time for knitting. Behold, die Pfeilraupe!  I don't have a finished picture of my own, but it is lovely and I am looking forward to teaching a class on how to make it. 
And I'm now back to working on my Nattrojer. It's growing nicely and I finally made friends with my knitting belt after around 20,000 stitches. I'll blame being shortwaisted. 

Seeds have been started, and I got quite a few things transplanted before the winter storm hit.  We've been bouncing back and forth between very early spring and late spring.  Some days are for yardwork, others are for blankets and tea.  The variety is nice.

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