Thursday, February 04, 2016

In which I finally make a workaround for iCloud and photos

It's a beautiful, glorious, sun-shiny (or at least it was) day here in the Snowy North.  We had a very nice blizzard on Tuesday -- late enough in the day to wonder how many school districts would look utterly ridiculous for announcing on Monday that they would be closed Tuesday, yet early enough in the day that all the state and county highways were CLOSED and the plows were pulled by 2 PM.  I felt quite pleased that Sunday's decision to reschedule my knitting class in a town 20 miles away from me was not open to ridicule.  

Even Vir came home at noon.  
Wednesday, after shoveling - and a snowblower assist from Vir!
Of course, if one is home, and being sensibly NOT glued to a screen watching people report on the snow and talk about which roads one sensible people should not be on, one ought to do somethign else.  So I knit.  The middle mitten is the first of a pair that I am currently knitting.  The left mitten is also from my needles, but has been dubbed "Sasquatch's Mitten" because of it's generous size.  Brown Mitten #2 is about halfway done, and should get finished tomorow.  Today's calendar does not have much space for concentrated knitting.  This pattern, for whatever reason, requires concentration.  I have made SO MANY mistakes in the pattern that required me to rip back to fix them.  Totally unlike me.  Obviously, I need to practice concentrating. 

And -- soup!  This week's tureen contained Cream of Cauliflower Soup, and as pictured below, Carrot Soup.  Filia and I spiked ours with a bit of miso, and it was delicious.  Nutmeg and a dollop of sour cream crossed my mind too, but I thought that might clash with the cumin and chili powder in the recipe. 

Until next week ...

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Dawn said...

Now, THAT is a respectable "winter". Ours is just cold, and normally no snow. I don't see any snowmen??