Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wednesday's blog post on Wednesday, thanks to Skype

If it were not for Skype, I would not be writing this blog post today.  An hour ago, Filia had an interview in a town about 5 1/2 hours away.  Except due to the miracles of Skype, she could interview from the comfort of our living room, rather than get up at 2 AM, have a 20 minute interview, and get home in the middle of the afternoon.  Technology can be wonderful. 

One casualty of last week's blizzard may have been our mid-February sheetrocking.  There was a nasty fire in a nearby town the night of the blizzard -- the sort where fire crews in surrounding towns call out the plows to go ahead of them on the road so they can make it to the fire? -- and while the business doing the work for us didn't burn down, the owner's residence did.  I've been in a holding pattern for 2 years now on this job ... a few more months won't hurt anything.  It'll give me more time to figure out my wall-to-wall bookcase!

Not to be outdone by the blizzard last Tuesday, Monday's weather was also very nice and blizzardy.  We were on the edge of the Abysmal Travel zone.  I had somewhere to go (someone to get somewhere, actually) and ventured out in the morning.  Visibility outside of town was worse than in the photo below.  I wouldn't have been able to see the sign, and had I been the car, I *might* have been able to see the truck in front of me.  Maybe not.  I thought about turning around and cancelling, but turning around on a US highway when you can't see anything can be tricky.  There could be a car coming the other direction!  So I ventured onward, and the visibility cleared to the point of safety after a few hundred yards, and after a few miles, the driving was fine.

This road got closed a bit after this camera shot
Knitting has been fairly uneventful.  I finished the mittens, got them off in the mail, finished another commission, got that off in the UPS, volunteered myself for a repair job (and had embroidery floss to match! Two strands was just the right thickness), finished a pair of socks, and started in on a pair of gloves for Filius. 
With an empty knitting calendar, my mind has been busy thinking of things to knit.  And, as it has been happening lately, things found me.  That sort of thing is SO good for the yarn budget.  I am still being tempted by either two cones of Frangipani, or Brown Sheep Sport, or perhaps some Finullgarn, to reknit a Danish Nattroyer.  It's been calling me for a while, so I may just go ahead and give in. 

But - enough staring at the blog post.  Time to go tidy and knit, before I introduce two wonderful ladies into the Art of the Tubular Bind Off, and then work with another wonderful lady on My First Mitten. 

It's Wednesday, and I don't have any soup ideas this week yet.  Please, suggest away in the comments!


Ady Grafovna said...

I guess I should embrace technology more. Skype did make that job interview far more convenient.
As for soup ideas, how do you feel about vegetarian chili? Not quite a soup, but very tasty!

Carolyn said...

Chili counts as a soup in my book, or at least soupy enough to come from a tureen. Do you have a favorite recipe?

Ady Grafovna said...

I have mine in a recipe book, but this one is very similar. Honestly, I never make it exactly the same way twice though since I tend to put what I have on hand in the pot.

Carolyn said...

That looks lovely! I will definitely give it a try, but not this week. I had some chili from a previous batch in the freezer, so pulled that out yesterday for supper. Mmmmm! One of the digestive tracts at the table took exception to the beans, though, and needs some recovery time.

Thanks for the suggestion, and the recipe link!