Saturday, January 30, 2016

In which a lot of things are wrapped up...

This past week has been full of activity.  I mailed off two projects, accepted another project (and finished knitting it already ... two more seams, and it's done!), and made good headway on a third project. 

Did you know there is almost NO data out there on how far above the 'thumb crotch' the tip of a pointed mitten should be?  To fix this problem - and to design mittens that have enough room, without having too much room - I am going to take a 7x8" rotary cutting mat to church tomorrow and get some photos of hands, then crunch the numbers.  If anyone would like to join in via the blog, please do!  Send me (anonymously or otherwise) your
  • length of hand from just above the wrist bone to the tip of your middle finger
  • hand circumference - around all four fingers
  • vertical distance from thumb crotch to the tallest finger
 If you happen to have a Norwegian mitten (or Latvian) that fits perfectly, I'd be interested in the circumference, total length, and length from the thumb hole to the tip of the mitten.

Any guesses as to what I'm knitting? 

I got a book in the mail this week -- a delightful happening which often follows, as in this case, the ordering of a book.  Latvian Mitten Designs.  Delicious eye candy and knitting fodder.  I think I'll start with Mitten #10.  It reminds me of Michigan State University, so will probably get called the Michigan State Latvian.  Unfortunately, I don't have any proper greens, so I can't cast on yet.  Happily, I do have sock yarn, so that is what will be going onto the needles after I finish up a wee bit of something else first.

Soups -- This week, the tureen saw Cincinnati Chili with Beans, and will see Cream of Cauliflower Soup (from More With Less) tonight.  The weather has been perfect for soup. 

My efforts at the sewing machine to produce a nice duvet cover came to a screeching halt when I adhered to 'right sides together and you won't go wrong' on the third french seam on the back.  Oops.  I decided to cut my losses at that point and ordered a cover from Overstock, which arrived yesterday.  Yay!  A duvet cover!!!  The fabric that was supposed to be the cover may become Roman shades, or a bag to store the comforter in during the summer, or a thrift shop donation. 

Until next week!

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Dawn said...

measurements for your survey :
length of hand 7"
thumb crotch to tallest finger 5"
circumference is 7"
I find it interesting that two are same!