Thursday, May 14, 2015

The End of an Era

When Filius exited Honsey Hall yesterday around 11 AM, it marked the end of an era.  The end of his high school years.  Even though he has been enrolled full-time in college for the past two years, it was dual-enrollment and therefore somewhat, kinda, almost sorta homeschooling.  But that is no longer the case.  He has finished the course of his high school years, run the race, and has a summer stretching before him before he returns to college to continue growing in his knowledge of all things Chemistry, plus whatever liberal arts the school requires of him to graduate. 

He is not a fan of the liberal arts, or at least liberal arts as they relate to him.  He's fine with liberal arts for other people.  He would prefer a full schedule of chemistry, or perhaps chemistry and computers. 

Filia is home as well now, and we are beginning the process of settling into a summer routine.  Pray for me, gentle readers, as I endeavour to nurture two teens with learner's permits into two independent drivers. 

Gratuitous Knitting Picture

The garden is in and protected from the average bunny, my mom's yard is not overrun by weeds, and the summer stretches before me, just filled with opportunities.  My twined gloves are moving along.  After a week of little progress, caused by a week of sunshine and abundant opportunities for yardwork, things are moving again and I have only 3.75 fingers and 1 thumb left to finish. Since it is rainy today, I hope to reduce that quantity by at least half before I go to bed tonight. 

And if I am to do that, I will need to get off the computer.  Staying off my tablet won't be a problem.  It's in the repair shop.  The jump off the top of a mini-fridge onto the concrete was too much for the screen.  And I have an aversion to glass splinters in my fingertips. 

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