Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Life continues

It's been almost a week since I had a daily drive to Bethany Lutheran College. (Not) oddly enough, I do not find myself putting together my purse and knitting basket, preparing to head out the door.  I do find myself on the computer more, writing blog posts and e-mails and the like.  That needs to stay within bounds.  Life is more than being on the internet.

Life would be a lot more gardening and yard work, too, but for the fact that is has been COLD and wet.  It's May 19th, and we had a frost warning this morning.  I thought about covering my 8x4 bed of tomatoes and basil but opted to live dangerously.

The hummingbirds and orioles are back.  The mourning doves are back in evidence too, and my new friend the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker makes daily visits to the willow tree.  The bleeding heart is still in bloom, and the columbines are adding to the color with their red and yellow flowers.  The beans are keeping their little heads under the soil yet.  Someone must have told them that the 80-degree weather wasn't going to last.

I'm in a decluttering and cleaning mood.  Yesterday saw the evisceration of the storage space above the master bedroom closet.  Yesterday morning, it was full.  Today, it is half-empty.  Today's target has not yet been decided upon.  Anyone want a set of Encyclopedia Britannica from 1976?

It's Molly's Fault
I spent some time last week wondering what to knit after I finished a pair of gloves and one mitten, which were all that was on my knitting calendar.  My wonderings were answered in the form of an e-mail, and now my knitting calendar has two more mittens and several miscellaneous small items.  I figure in 2-3 weeks, I will be wondering what to knit next.  And by then, I am sure a new answer will crop up.  Worst comes to worst, I can knit a summer tank top.  That should put off the decision for 2-3 days.  Unless the weather is good and I spend those days outside eradicating uppity weeds. 

Molly's Fault was finished on March 30th.  It was a long time in the making, mostly because I ignored it for a very long time.  It is (in its current size) 17 diamonds wide and 24 diamonds tall ... or 816 wee little diamonds.  I love the result, and may make another one sometime during my time on earth.  But not with my current yarn stash.  I sort of used up all my miscellaneous sock yarn! 

On the needles now is a mitten, minus top and thumb.  When that is finished (this afternoon), I will start a second mitten.  And by the time that is done, I should have more yarn and be able to start in on the miscellaneous.  If that package hasn't arrived ... oh dear, I need to figure out what to do in that case.  Hmmm.  Something to ponder while knitting!

See you next week!

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