Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Queen Susan Update

There will be no Queen Susan photo this week. The flowers are so much more photogenic, for one, and for another, not much has happened on her. I am now on Round 59 of the border - about 8 rounds done in one week. Pitiful, unless you consider that represents about 9 hours of knitting AND I've knit 4 Basic Mittens and have just the top decreases and thumb left on my proto-Advanced Mitten (due next month) . I also received two full bags of yarn for a sweater I'll be test-knitting (due in May) , and also some Master Knitter work to evaluate (due today, and more due Monday).

Queen Susan will probably be taking a nice vacation in my knitting stand. She'll get done, never fear. I figure two solid weeks of knitting will take care of the aforementioned projects, and then I can dive back into Round 59. Trust me, it's marked in highlighter tape. I won't forget where I am. Or where it is.

Other updates:
  • By the end of the day, my 3rd and 4th batches of Kombucha will be happily fermenting. It's yummy stuff!
  • There are 15 spears of asparagus growing in my garden. And it's March.
  • My husband mowed the yard yesterday.
  • My daughter and I (me driving) were rear-ended yesterday, too.
  • Homemade sauerkraut (with carrots, so it's not real sauerkraut, which is slimy and icky and totally awful ... or at least, it was that way the last time I tried it four decades ago) is for lunch
  • Filia has a new carbon fiber AFO. Once the other arrives, let the shoe-shopping begin!

For an understanding of the latter, you can go to this orthotics site and look at the Plastic Solid Ankle AFO, then the leftmost Prefabricated Carbon Fiber AFO. Consider which would be easier to get into a shoe. And which would work with anything other than sneakers. Then imagine you're a teen girl who has been wearing sneakers for the past 15 years.

Back to the knitting submission...

1 comment:

Shan said...

Oh dear, I'm sorry you were rear-ended! Do you have homeopathic arnica?

I checked out the orthotics site - good grief! I bet she is happy.

I'm about to go check your Ravelry page to see if you've ever made a Hap Shawl. I'm obsessed with them...planning a Christmas present for someone and can't wait to get started!

Loving all the news updates on Queen Susan, by the way.