Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More Queen Susan ... with WORDS!

I fear that progress is about to come to a screeching halt. Who in their right mind volunteers to write an article and three mitten patterns, plus design and knit up two pairs of mittens, while working on a shawl of this gorgeousness? Yes, me.

And then who accepts a test-knitting job at the same time? Yes, me.

So, progress will likely slow down pretty seriously for a while. It was slowing down anyways ... switching from the center (where a good day was 20 rows), to the border (where a good day was 4 rounds) was a serious mental shift. I made it, however, and am enjoying the border very much -- switching from the 15-st repeat at the beginning to the 60-st repeat which will continue to the end actually made things seem to go faster. I could just sit and knit on this thing all day. But other work will be calling, once some yarn arrives.

I have surprised myself by deciding to purl all the even rounds, rather than fiddle around with techniques for garter-in-the-round-while-avoiding-purls. My purls rounds are wee bit looser than my knits, and the purl verision of a sk2p is not exactly thrilling, but I'm not finding the rounds frustrating. I just do them. And listen to my audiobooks.

Juggling 7 page of charts is a lot easier than I thought it would be. It's also comforting to realize that, out of the 24 pages of charts for the border, I finished the first 7 on Sunday and am on to the next 7!


Holly said...

Don't let it slow down too much! I've loved watching the shawl grow :~)

fruitfulvine said...

This shawl is amazing!
Question: How on earth do you concentrate on knitting while listening to a book? I would miss parts in the book...but then I cannot knit in my subconscious like you can!

Carolyn said...

Answer: I turned off the book while I was picking up stitches and getting the pattern established for the border. But once a pattern is established, I can manage to K and P while still listening. It's kind of like walking and talking at the same time for me. I assuredly do NOT listen to books (or at least, not hear much of them) when I am fixing mistakes that go back a few rounds.