Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hat and one Anatolian Mitten

I have some large projects swimming around in my head. There are two flavors of laceweight yarn next to my knitting chair, and a book of sweaters has been seen wandering around the house.

Still, it can be dangerous to start a large project right before Christmas. Filia wants to knit a cardigan, but I've told her to wait until after December 25th. To keep her busy in the meantime, she's unearthed a leftover lap robe I started doodling with several years ago, called Rambling Rows, and is industriously knitting away on it. It is, in fact the background for the last photo (and she's the model).

For myself, I'm working on small projects. At least, I think I am.

I finished Mom's Telemark Stash Hat. It used one skein of each color. There were a few yards left over. The hat could have used an extra row for symmetry, but it looks pretty bad to knit a hat from one's stash, using two skeins, and then have to order two skeins so you have those last 20 inches to be able to finish binding off. The pattern is my own, of the 'it just happened' variety. A stream of consciousness hat.

I've been doing good on using up yarn. Here are the leftovers from my last three projects .. sock, hat, hat. Not much extra!

And, thanks to Becca's blog, I was inspired to tackle the Anatolian Mittens from Folk Mittens. It's got errors in the graph too :( I raided my MerinoStyle, and picked Moss and Honey. Filia informs me those are Green Bay Packer Colors. I think they're John Deere colors. Either way, they've knit up into a nice warm mitten that's just a smidge snug on my medium-sized hand. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I started the project. I tend to need to upsize needles to get gauge, so why, when this project calls for worsted yarn and size 3 ndls, did I use DK weight and size 3 needles and expect good results?

It's not traveling knitting, so I need to get going on something else for the ride to church tomorrow. I'm not sure if it will be socks, or a hat, or plain mittens, or something else.

The guys were off to Drake today, watching Dayton win a football game. They should be back soon, but it's been a lovely day of sitting around with Filia, sipping hot tea and knitting. It's good to have those days every once in a while.


Becca said...

Your mitten looks great! I did find the error in the chart below the thumb, but I haven't noticed others above it yet. I left mine as is, I decided it doesn't bother me. The hat is very cool even if it makes my eyes swim a bit!

Pensguys said...

Those are GREAT! I can't believe a mind can just make something up like that hat! I wish my mind worked that way!