Saturday, October 06, 2007


Wrapped In Tradition:

Yarn used: Elann's SuperKydd - 2+ skeins.
Needle size: 7 US (because I always use a size larger than the pattern calls for)

This poncho begins with 400 rows of back-and-forth lace for the bottom edge. Stitches are then picked up along the straight edge and the poncho is worked to the neckline. Short rows are used to shape the neck (and I cannot find them whatsoever now, plus I think there may have been an error in the directions) and then it is finished with a picot crochet edging.


Yarn: Elann's SuperKydd, about 3 skeins in Pomegranate, just like the last two shawl's I've made with this yarn. But no - I'm not picking the color. Three separate people picked the self-same color. Without consultation.
Needles: 7, 10, 10.5 (US) and quite a few crochet hooks. A joinery bindoff on 616 stitches with metal needles is a Pain. It took quite a bit of experimenting before I admitted Way One was the best.

This poncho has no crochet in it. And. in fact, it's not a poncho. It just looks like one in all the photos. It's worked flat, with oodles of boring stockinette. First, the boring part is worked neck-down, with increases and decreases for shaping. Then the bottom lacy portion is worked bottom up. Then the two parts are joined. The pattern was not difficult, but I am not sure which side of the ruffle is the right side. The fabric has a bias, and I may have attached it wrong side out. But if I'm not sure, it's doubtful anyone except for the designer is sure, and even she may be hard-pressed to identify it as 'wrong' while it's being worn.

I laid the wrap out flat so you could see what it looks like. And my blanket-magnet appeared. Still, you can get the idea.

Borrowing from Wendy, I took a picture of my latest sock in progress. Next to it is the Fleece Artist that is going to turn into a smoke ring.

And lastly, a picture of the blanket-loving dog, curled up on a yoga mat underneath Filia, doing her exercises (anything is better than having titanium rods implanted in your back, right?). The exercise she is doing is entitled, much too appropriately, "Dog".

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