Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lost Hairs and Mittens

I've been a busy little bee lately, and spending too much time watching websites on the SoCal fires. We've got friends evacuated, friends whose homes are in the burn areas, and all sorts of other ties back there. Does that count as an excuse?

Our Medical Month is about to wrap up. Now we get to settle down to a baseline of 6 appointments a month, and go from there. Ten appointments, if you count PT and ST as separate appointments. Many blessings to the scheduler who managed to get them one after the other!

After almost 20 years of long hair, I decided to get it chopped. My husband has always wanted me to have short hair, so I did it for his birthday present. I'm no longer identifiable as the woman with her hair in a bun, knitting.

Knitting is proceeding apace. My MIA project has been found, but I'm having too much fun on the smoke ring. That has been bumped to the home AND travel project. One of these days I'll get back to the mittens. They have lots of ends. Eighty-eight per mitten hand, 36 per thumb. That means 248 ends to tuck in. Thanks to Denise, I have a pretty yarn needle to work them in with. Still, I don't think I'll be making multiple sets of these mittens. I like Fair Isle, but there is a point of ridiculousness-in-weaving-in-ends, and these mittens are over the edge.


Pensguys said...


I did the same thing with my hair this year back in the spring....long to short! I Love it!

denise said...

I forgot I was a blogger and that I could look for your new short hair here. Very nice! I bet you will really like it. It is lighter on the head, easier on the shampoo budget, and young-ifying.

And I get it now. It was Dan's birthday present!

denise said...


Oh my. Fabulous mittens.