Saturday, September 01, 2007

When life speeds up,

blogging slows down.

Wednesday night is my normal blogging night. Last Wednesday, I had respite. The previous Wednesday, I was at a retreat. And the previous Wednesday to that? Respite again. It's just not happening. And the fact that I can type three times faster than Blogger accepts characters is getting annoying.

I have oodles of lovely photos to share with you. But, I'm not making time to upload them today. Or even download them from my camera at the moment. I just want to make a quick post to show I'm alive, sort out my projects, note a few other things, and vamoose to go knit.

I'm alive.

Projects! (This is the fun part). Today, I ordered some yarn from Elann. Two days ago, I ordered some yarn from KnitPicks. I have a new box of KP yarns and color cards since my last blog post. Things are picking up on the 'projects to knit' calendar, but nothing is of great artistic merit.
  • Socks in KP's Volcano Twist (on the needle, 2nd sock)
  • Socks in KP's purple/black Essential twist
  • Socks in KP's Buttermilk Risata
  • Socks in KP's Petunia
  • Socks in another colorway I forget
  • Wrapped In Tradition poncho (WrapStyle) on the needle, Elann's SuperKydd in Pomegranate
  • Guinevere wrap (WrapStyle) in Pomegranate
  • Fair Isle mittens from Folk Mitens (at least, that's what the spine of my book says)
  • Lacy baby blanket for baby show (in Swish Superwash, natural)
  • Hat for dh, of unknown yarn and unknown design.
I have a Fair Isle vest in the back of my mind for me, but Im not going to be starting it any time soon, as you can see, so it's just stewing. As is what I shall do with the Misti Alpaca Lace I have. And when I shall begin the Unst Lace Stole (or similar project). So much to knit, so little time!

In that so little time, I've been enjoying Herodotus' Histories. Why didn't I read them when I was in school? My dh has started back to school, working on a master's degree. And my children have started back to school, under their usual teacher (me). The first week is done, and it improved greatly from start to finish. It had to. Monday began with 30 minutes of wailing, and Friday ended with glee because all the work for the day had been tackled after school was finished on Thursday, and it was a Free Day. Free to sit in the car for 2 hours, go to a doctor's appointment, wait there for 2 hours, then drive home for 2 hours. And go to Half Price Books.

Enough of waiting for Blogger to catch up to my typing. Time to go knit!

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Carissa said...

What a list of projects! I look forward to pictures! I know how blogging can get away from you! Happy knitting and schooling!