Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The days go streaming by

Take today, for an example. At 5:30, my dearly beloved children head off to church (along with two other neighborhood munchkins), and they return at 9:00. That's when I update my blog. But ... when do I sit down to blogdom? At 8:30 -- after dropping said children off at church, getting groceries, and raiding a friendly neighborhood library.

The photos I was going to take today in wonderful, natural light? Just got taken.

The poncho is moving right along. The lace and I have never become fast friends. Sunday and Monday night were designed to build character. Just about the time I was ready to cease knitting and head to bed, I realized I'd made an error (nicely and consistently, over 75% of the rowly) two and a half rows back. Gotta dislike those plain knit rows that disguise pattern errors! So, I took a deep breath, placed a safety pin to mark the beginning of round (give or take a stitch), removed my needles, pulled carefully while counting back the rows, picked up the stitches, and started up again. Both Sunday AND Monday. Once was bad enough. Two gave me a bit too much character. Tuesday night saw no such continuance. I fixed it. I finished that lace pattern. Today I was hoping to finish the whole thing ... but it's not going to happen. Tomorrow it'll get finished. While I pack for Pella.

One nice thing about KidSilk Haze (or in my case, Super Kydd from Elann) is that is doesn't run, so picking up stitches is pretty easy. The flip side of this is that it doesn't run, which means it's entirely possible to knit 3 together, work the entire rest of the item, block it, give it to the recipient ... and notice a stitch looks funny, and discover that the knit 3 was really a knit one, fuzz two.

My Gull Socks are coming along nicely. I'm on sock one still, but will probably be on sock two before Monday. I suppose it depends on how nice Guinevere is to knit. If Guinevere is company knitting, the sock may well not even make it out of the bag in Pella, but if Guinevere requires concentration, than the socks will fly across my needles. My chipping-tipping Brittany needles. I finally gave up on e-mailing the company about their lovely guarantee, and called. Voila ... the needles will be shipped next Wednesday.

I've got yarn for projects coming out of my ears. The purple is the Meteor Twist socks. The remainder is for assorted Christmas presents and other miscellaneous such-like.

I have found a WONDERFUL book. The Greek Way, by Edith Hamilton. The book discusses why Greece was the beginning of civilization. Have you ever thought about why Greece was different from Persia and Egypt? Why the philosophers were Greek? What makes Greek Greek? I'm not even through the book yet, but I am making progress in it. I highly recommend it.

Civilization, a much abused word, is a matter quite apart from telephones and electric lights. It is a matter of imponderables, of delight in the things of the mind, of love of beauty, of honor, grace, courtesy, delicate feeling. Where imponderables are the things of first importance, there is the height of civilization, and if, at the same time, the power to act exists unimpaired, human life has reached a level seldom attained and very seldom surpassed. ~ Edith Hamilton


Carissa said...

That sounds like a neat book! The poncho looks great, and so do the socks. I love the colors in both!

Tammy said...

Hi back! The Greek Way sounds like a fascinating book.

I love having a pile of yarn and plans like that. But then I start to stress, so I hide most of it away... then I forget... then I buy more yarn. Oops.

Anonymous said...

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