Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Last of the Argyle

As promised, here's a picture of the capelet. I like it, and it's eminently comfortable ... but my row gauge in the pattern worked out to be just a wee bit small at the bottom circumference, so it's not quite as cape-y as I'd hoped. I'll have to find someone with smaller shoulders to wear it, and I think I only need look over to the couch to find someone.

I've also finished my last Christmas present - 2005, not 2006. I'm not THAT ahead of things, and besides, if I were, I'd've given them all as Easter gifts and be starting from scratch for Christmas 2006. I do not have a calling to do intarsia,
so they are labors of love. It's funny, though, that once Labor #2 started (it was postponed in favor of getting a third ball of navy. The one I had left wasn't enough to finish the sock, and the intarsia just worked better with two balls of navy. Truly), it behaved itself and went nicely. (Considering I had only done the ribbing of Sock #2 on Friday, and it's now Tuesday and finished, I think it went very nicely.)

Of course, I have to have a 'next project' now, don't I? I've got yarn to make angora headbands, more yarn to make something to cover the ears and part of the head and tie under the chin with strings .. which begins with a G, but neither I nor the requester has any idea what the rest of the word is. Any ideas? They were fashionable quite a while ago...

Shawls seem to be calling my name as well. Tomorrow I'm going on a yarn hunt for some soft pink fuzzy machine washable yarn for a rectangular shawl. And after that, I will probably succumb to something elegantly lacy. And socks, Latvian mittens, two-end knitting .... plus lace edging. There's simply no shortage of things to knit.

Goals for this week? Headbands.

:) Carolyn

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