Friday, April 21, 2006

Fluted Rib Capelet

I'm wearing my new capelet, knit with KnitPicks Shine Sport in Orchid. I knit knit knit for close to the 56 repeats specified, and then decided to measure ... and instead of having a 20" neck, I had a 26.5" neck. Oops. I connected the capelet to my ballwinder, frogged about 100 yards, and re-knit the final four rows. I like it. Pictures will come, eventually. Right now, though, just think of me as a walking example of why one should measure one's knitting periodically even after having knit a gauge swatch.

I've got 9 Angora Headbands finished, and will be getting more lucious yummy angora yarn this weekend to make some more. They're grand take-along projects, except for when I am wearing a black skirt. It's one thing not to get the fibers stuck in your olfactory organ, and another thing entirely to keep them off your lap.

Since The Shawl is finished, and the capelet is done, and I'm not ready to start making dd's summer wrap yet (first, I'd like her to find where the room of her floor went, then we'll figure out something appropriate for a 10-can't-I-be-16-yet fashion-conscious lover of pink), I have unearthed The Argyle. I am finishing the pair, and not tossing it in the trash, out of sheer love for my husband. There is no other reason I can think of for completing it. I have thought about completing X amount on it each day, and starting another, more comely, project ... but whom am I kidding? That would just prolong the finishing. It's going to take however long it takes, and the sooner I just do it, the sooner it can get lost in his sock drawer.

Goal this week: Finish the patterned portion of The Argyle. (progress before today: ribbing. progress today: a bit over half of the first (of 3) large diamonds)

And, because one can never have too many pictures of lace around ...

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