Wednesday, May 03, 2006

It's soft, it's fuzzy, it's pink ...

and it's FINISHED! The fuzzy pink wrap which, last week at this time was languishing at Hobby Lobby in unloved balls, is now finished and wrapped.

For dd, it's time for beginning a new project. Here she is hard at work on the first round of a poncho. I'm not sure if it is her first first round, or her second first round. After a successful, untwisted beginning, she set down her knitting to get some sleep (one of those things parents insist on at least once a day). When she picked it up again, it somehow got twisted, and stayed that way for 5 rounds.

Here is the rest of the yarn for the poncho, along with the Yarn Guardian. Every knitter should have one.

And here, a picture of the view from one of our schoolroom windows. The bleeding heart (lower left) are in bloom now, and the lily of the valley (lower right) look to follow them shortly.

My knitting project for this week is to Finish the Moebius. It's been hanging around in my travelling bag for too long, and as such needs to be removed. Since I don't permit UFOs to hang around the house, the removal will be accomplished by completing it. The last Moebius I made took me two days to knit. Amazing what a difference using laceweight yarn instead of worsted will make. Part of the problem is also the Norwegian Sweater, Faux Russian Stole, Frost Flowers and Leaves Shawl, socks, brioche scarf, capelet, 12 headbands, and pink diamond stole I've made since starting it. Its time has come.

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