Tuesday, February 07, 2006


The sweater is moving along nicely. I've got some pictures of the back, a close-up of the front, and my progress on sleeve #1.

I hope to finish the first sleeve this week and get started on the second. And while I am working away on this, projects are mounting up in my head. Lace is the foremost, but twined knitting is a close second. I did get Anne Maj-Ling's Two End Knitting book, and it looks to be full of information. It's not a nice coffee table book, like A Gathering of Lace, and is quite scanty on photographs. I will just have to work out the various patterns in there to see what the result is, and play from there. A twisty-knit dickey sounds lovely ... or socks, or just about anything.

I finished the cabled hat. The red line is where I kitchnered. I'm hoping it will show up well enough in an enlarged form to be helpful to someone. Some day when I'm not working on the sweater, I will replace the red with some cream yarn, and bequeath the hat somewhere.

My current travelling project is a scarf cowl. After that, I think it will be socks.

The rest of my life is busy. I'm reading Kristin Lavransdatter, listening to 1776, and creating an answer key to Homer SW B. Yesterday, Runkle's Geography arrived, so we started that this morning. My son was delighted to have a real live geography book at last.

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Denise said...

I love everything about this sweater. The design is beautiful and the execution flawless. I love the look of the sleeve.

I really like the cabled hat also. Simple and beautiful. I appreciate the red kitchner; I have never seen it up close like that.

: )