Monday, February 13, 2006


Can it be? Can it truly be that I am *done* with lice on my sweater? That I have only four inches left on the second sleeve? The sleeve that I thought would be a good Knitting Olympics challenge?
After counting four times, I will affirm that this is the case. The sweater is drawing to completion. I have four inches to knit, one sleeve to attatch, one neck to design, knit, and tack down, a small plethora of ends to artfully weave and tuck, and some patterns to proof and polish. Wow. I *am* going to get this things done by the end of February.

A friend's blog led me to a knitting poll entitled "What kind of Knitting Needle Are You?" Being a sucker for knitting polls, I discovered that I am bamboo needles. I rather thought I might be a turbo, but I'm not displeased with the results. Bamboo needles do have their uses (apart from dog toothpicks) and turbos are not high on my list right now since they do not come in sizes to match my US needles.

In fact, why don't I do an informal survey right now.
Let's call it "What kind of needles are you using?" (Okay you knitters reading this ... here's fodder for your next blog entry.)
  • Norwegian sweater: Inox size 2. Also will be using Crystal Palace bamboo dpns size 2, Susan Bates size 2, and Addi Turbo size 1 (I-cord bind-off can get needle-intensive) and something in a size 1 for the neck, I think. If I own it, and it's between 2.0 and 3.0 mm, there's a good chance I'll be using it. I used the Boye Needlemaster 2 for the body.
  • Dishcloth: Boye metal single point size 8
  • Scarf Cowl: Susan Bates metal single point size 5
  • EZ Baby Surprise Jacket: Boye Needlemaster size 8
The Baby Surprise Jacket is a, well, surprise. I started it last night, and hope to finish it by this weekend. It's for a good cause ... stash reduction cum baby's birthday present. Since the sleeve is going so swimmingly -- and I still cannot believe I am working at the rate of one sleeve every four days, not counting attatching it -- I decided I could stick in another project this week.

I love knitting.

To the right you'll see a photo of a) my fingers, and b) a kitchner'd seam. Knitting and purling are very different animals when kitchnering, and it's not the easiest thing to switch from one to the other, especially upside down.

In a future post, I'll have to share some Steek Slicing Pictures. This one has enough photos, though, and a Baby Jacket is calling my name.

Bamboo, hmmm.


Olive Oyl/Pensguys said...

WOW! I'm just in AWE of how fast you knit!!!

Ok...needles I'm using now...size 1 bamboo dpns for my 2nd sock. Part of a swatch for the hat (hiding my face) that I haven't been able to get started, on size 8 bamboo dpns.

Holly said...

HA! I'm bamboo, too! (I think I knew that)
Your sweater looks fantastic-how do you do it? Knit so fast AND have it turn out beautifully? I'd love to hear your secret.