Monday, February 20, 2006

The box goes out

Tomorrow morning, The Box will travel to the post office.

On Sunday, The Baby Surprise Jacket will be in the same building as the Baby.

On March 7th, the Sweet Pea Scarf Cowl (free pattern from KnitPicks) will be bequested to the wearer.

One of these days, the washcloth will get finished

Saturday will see a Design Party for a scarf, and a yarn ordering party with KnitPicks is scheduled shortly thereafter.

Until then, I will be working on the Faux Russian Stole from A Gathering of Lace. I didn't exactly do a gauge swatch, but I did do the entire bottom border and 6-8 rows of the main rectangle. I discovered an error in the border, and frogged the whole thing that I might start afresh. I suppose I could have saved the first 2 repeats of the border ..
but it would have taken more time than simply reknitting them. There's an odd sort of satisfaction in setting a ball of yarn atop a yarn swift and spinning the swift around while something unravels.

I have discovered - thanks to a homeschooling friend - LibriVox. I can download audiobooks onto my computer and listen while knitting! My daughter and I have enjoyed Sara Crewe, my husband and I are enjoying Mark Twain's 'The Awful German Language' and I'm nibbling at a book of Chesterton's from
ChristianAudio's free book of the month.

I have no idea how far I will get on the shawl this week, especially as I only have one ball of that color at the moment, but the week promises to be busy enough that I will not be found knitless. For one, there's the answers to Homer Book B to finish off. Diagramming things like "Petruchio still kept growling and scolding at the servants so that Kate might see how unbeautiful thing an ill-temper was" is fun. I wonder what my collaborators would think if I used knitting needles as diagramming lines? With yarn (self-striping, of course) for participles?

I *am* going to get through Week 6&7 of Elementary Greek this week too. Third declension nouns in Greek have an uncanny similarity to 3rd declension nouns in Latin. Both are pesky, behave in a different fashion from their older siblings, and pop up with distressing frequency all over the place. I'm sure I am smarter than a noun, though, so with perseverance, they will be made to mind. I just keep repeating... "- os i a es wn si as" and all will be well. There are fewer cases than Estonian, thank goodness.


Anonymous said...

Carolyn, your work is fabulous! Funny -- I came to see your sweater and then went back through your archives to see what I'd missed these last few months, and when I came back to the main page, you'd added this new update! :) Do you have the errata webpage for A Gathering of Lace? I love that book, even though I don't own it (yet). If you don't have the errata page, I'll try to locate it; it should be here somewhere. Anyway, congratulations on the beautiful sweater (stunning, really!) -- and on completing your level 3!

Looking forward to hearing about your MK award in the near future,

Olive Oyl/Pensguys said...

I just LOVE looking at your work!!!!

Denise said...

Congratulations on getting The Box out the door. And, I love that little sweater .... and the cowl ... okay, I love the dishcloth too! I love handmade cotton dishclothes. I should try that. : )

Beth said...

Hi Carolyn,

I came looking for progress on the Russian Stole; any new pix? I went to see what kind of knitting needles I am, too; apparently bamboo, but I think I'm really more rosewood (not an option on the quiz). ;) I'll check back later.