Thursday, August 25, 2005

School has begun!

It's true. Finally and at last, the long and boring summer is over and we're back to the delightful experience of learning. Dd is excited to find where I put her math book so she can get back to algebra, while ds is scheming to get his work done as quickly as possible so he can get on with life. This year introduces the first year of Required Reading for my scholars. Patrick confessed, "This book isn't actually bad," after he finally decided that reading the book quietly was indeed the best of his available options. He's waiting eagerly for the next Redwall book, and I'm on the list for Eldest.

School is also off to a bumpy start, because tomorrow our schoolroom is being taken over by people wielding tape, paper, and drywall mud. Saturday will see the advent of The Texturizers, and Monday, well, Monday we're driving to Minneapolis to get a stander for dd. We'll just have to stop at a used bookstore and the Olive Garden as well, rats.

I met my goals from last week - got all my Bible Study work done, and only one day's work per day. The TwoStep socks are finished, and Parade Blues are on the sock needles now. The sweater is coming along as well, as is Abigail's quilt.
Six blocks down, 14 plus the trimmings to go! And one of the books I edited has been hanging out as the #1 in sales for Recent Books.

This upcoming week should be fun. I'm expecting a shipment of yarn from KnitPicks, with yarns for more socks, a vest for Marcia, and the beginnings of a lace shawl. Gotta love lace shawls. I may also get my Level II swatch back, and there are two more packages coming. One with household stuffs, and the other with an Elementary Greek text.

Goal for this next week: continue with daily Bible reading (and recording of reading), plus enjoy all those packages! I'd like to finish the Blues socks, but that may not be realistic, and maybe - just maybe - I'll finish up a sweater.

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