Wednesday, August 17, 2005

One week until school starts!

I am delighted to report that I finished the first sock on Saturday evening, the sweater front yesterday evening, and have turned the yarn I brought home yesterday into a stunning replica of Swatch #20, but with a 16th row and better tension. Or at least, better tension in some places. The swatch is currently drying, and if the humidity is right, I'll get it sent back tomorrow, thus meeting all my goals from last week. Unless, of course, I get penalized for not weaving in all the intarsia ends on the sweater. I've got lots done, but a dozen or so more to go.

Today also saw the release of the Book B set. I do so enjoy finishing up a project. Rather like tucking in ends.

We're looking forwards to the start of school next week. Both children have finished up their summer math books (Keys To...) and I am hopeful that the irregular exercise of the math portion of their brains will have prevented major memory loss. Dd is exicted to continue in Algebra, which I find exciting. Math was one of my favorite subjects in school. That and band. Anyway, our school shopping is complete, our TOG notebooks decorated with a map of the Nile basin, and I'm looking forward to another year of learning. Time management will, once again, be my major bugaboo. I just *know* I could accomplish everything if I used my time wisely. And didn't sleep, probably.

This is also the last week of our I John Bible study. Tomorrow the assignment centers around the sin leading to death ... what is it? Can we know? If I am diligent and apply myself, I should know the answers by this time tomorrow. I have been impressed with the emphasis I John puts on love, and doubt I will ever forget the 3 tests he covers again and again ... doctrinal, social, and moral. Or "Jesus Christ is God's Son", "Love your brother", and "Keep God's commandments". It boils down so nicely.

I don't really have any decent goals for next week. There's a sweater back, but I haven't even cast on for that yet. And a sock to finish, but if I work on the sweater, I won't be working on it much. Being faithful in my Bible study is a good goal ... I'll seize on that one. And perhaps even get some pictures of my WIP to share.

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