Wednesday, June 29, 2016


The past week or two has been such a blur of staying on top of things that recalling what has been happening would be a serious effort.  The pictures shall speak for themselves.

One of four or five plates found tucked in with Gram's china which was not part of that set.  My aunt tells me these were the everyday plates used when they lived in Illinois. 

 Cherries, from our tree, for cherry pie filling.  Twenty-three cups of pitted cherries.  Yummmmm!

Cucumbers, with trellis

Peas and Beans and Peppers, Oh My!

Herbs, Greens, and Onions.  And finger.

Tomatoes and Basil and Purslane

Beans - Kentucky Wonder and Christmas Lima

Sock #1 (Sock 2 is now further along than this. Yay!)


Dawn said...

And, are those rabbit fences? I haven't seen that before.. Your garden is growing nicely :)

Carolyn said...

Those are my attempts at protecting the garden from small animals that eat gardens. PVC pipe, chicken wire, twine, and velcro strips to hold the panels together. So far, the rabbits have respected them nicely! Without them, my bean patch would probably consist of two bean plants about 3" tall with fewer than 5 leaves between them, and definitely no blossoms.

Dawn said...

ok, but how do you harvest the veggies? Quick release PVC ? I imagine a lot of bending over fences. Maybe Filius is long waisted?

Carolyn said...

In a word, Velcro. I'll put pictures in tomorrow's blog post if we don't have rain.