Thursday, June 16, 2016


June is such a lovely month, full of scope for activity. Last week was full of biking; this week has been not so full of biking. It's been full of other things instead. Tuesday was particularly spectacular. We had a near miss of a tornado (2 miles outside of town counts as a near miss, doesn't it?), a torrential deluge on a morning with a 10% chance of rain, and the grass seed which was placed on the nicely filled and leveled dirt strip in our front yard got mostly washed away. Poor landscapers! Speaking of landscape ... here are some photos.
Perennials with Mulch
The Clematis finally comes into its own


Wednesday wasn't a bad day either. Filius started his summer job at an area grain elevator, and I look forward to hearing about his days.

Today, well, today has a zero percent chance of rain, but the air is heavy and I think I am hearing thunder rumbling. All sorts of things call. Cucumber trellis-making, knitting, reading ... I shall be off and get started.

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Dawn said...

June looks beautiful in your part of the world.