Wednesday, May 04, 2016

In which we visit the veterinarian again, and memorize the after-hours phone number

This hasn't been a week for the ages, but it has certainly been one - and continues to be one - in which I am reminded how much I enjoy being at home, and how precious 'home days' are to me.  Today is a home day.  My only home day this week.  I am taking serious, inordinate delight in it.

I have no clue what all has been going on since last Wednesday.  Most of my brainpower has been directed towards being where I need to be, and keeping tabs on the dog.  His recovery went well until Friday, when the wound started draining ... and the pain meds expired ... and he began favoring the leg ... and then it swelled up POOF.  So, Monday morning at 8 AM, we were at the vet's, and he had a second surgery to figure out what was up.  He came home Monday afternoon with 4 medications and a drain.  And the washer broke (I'm pretty sure it's the pump ... the hose connections are all fine, but it leaks as soon as the pump starts up) 

Bandit is now again on the road to recovery.  We've got at least 2 more vet visits in the next little while - one to remove the drain, and another to remove the sutures.  There were around 8 from the original gash, and he collected another 7 or so from the second surgery.  In the 'counting our blessings' scheme of things, the skin of the wound flap is healthy and no one is thinking a graft will be necessary, or even open healing.  Yay! 

Knitting is also keeping me busy, and the garden is flourishing, and it seems to be the season for concrete repair as well.  I will leave you with some pictures ...

Post-Op Recovery Unit

Ski Ramp of Unlawful Steepness

No more ski ramp. 

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