Wednesday, May 11, 2016

In which is it raining.

At this time of year, rain means that I do not need to water my garden.  And that I can hibernate inside (although that hibernation usually looks more like spring cleaning, overhauling various bits and pieces of my domain, or sitting down with a stack of papers and books to see about acquiring some wisdom.)  All the garden is planted, save for basil, onion sets (acquired this morning) and my new pole bean patch. (Oh, and my watermelon.  I haven't repurposed their bed for them yet.)  We're regularly dining on rhubarb, radish thinnings, chives, asparagus, sage, and snippets of other green things from the yard and garden. 

Today's weed of the week is White Campion.  And there is no medicinal use listed for it!  I was crushed. Mildly.  For about a half-second.  There's always next week. 

Our front walk now has two very nice steps, and I replanted the lupine which would have been seriously crushed in the remodeling.  Next up is to get a strong son home from college and move a lot of daylilies to places hither and thither (the unplanted side of the steps and around a tree or two) so that I can put my little watermelon plants in their Jiffy pellets into the ground. 

The dog's leg is healing well, and he should get the last of the stitches out tomorrow AND get the cone off his head.  Poor pooch - he's had it on, save for a 2 minute trial of 'does he really need this on?' (yes!) and surgery, since April 26th.  On the plus side, he has figured out how to go up and down stairs without coming to grief, so he can go up and down freely.  (That translates to going upstairs when I go upstairs, and heading back down when I do.) 

Monday was a lovely home day, and rainy, so after quickly putting bean and cucumber and squash seeds into the ground around 7 AM, to beat the rain, I decided to clean the bathroom floor.  And sliced my thumb open, mildly, on one of the bolts holding the toilet to the floor.  I popped a bandaid on it and all went well until I went to knit later in the day.  YEOWCH!  The split wasn't deep enough to bleed, but it was deep enough to heartily dislike pressure on the pad of the thumb, making its dislike known by shooting nerve pain that hung around for several seconds after the pressure was relieved.  I think it's better enough to try knitting again today.  I hope. 

I actually had to read a book in my spare time on Monday.  It's been AGES since I've done recreational reading without sitting on a bicycle, or knitting.  I discovered "Habits of Grace" by David Mathis (free download) plus a study guide (also free as a download).  I think I will save it for Augustish, when we take a month off of our Monday night Bible Study.  In the meantime, I'm working on A Peculiar Glory (John Piper) and getting nowhere fast on Middlemarch (free audiobook).

There is so much scope for organization in life.  How can anyone be bored?

Until next week ...

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