Wednesday, April 06, 2016

The anticipation of spring

Spring is flirting with us this year.  It was in the mid-70s on Sunday, then dropped back into the 30s and 40s.  We will see 60 again on Sunday, then drop back into the 40s for a while.  Yet another reason to look forward to Sunday!  And 40 isn't really all that bad for yardwork, which at the moment consists of picking up things the wind blew down and/or over. Pinecones, leaves, branches... that sort of thing. 

I am delighted to report that my comfrey and lupine seeds have germinated, as have the pepper seeds I saved from last year's last pepper.  I can say I'm a seed saver!!!  I'm wondering about the other pepper seeds I planted, though.  Several days after my saved seeds shower their leafy little first leaves, only 2 of the other 8 cells (16 seeds) are showing any signs of life. Hmmm. 

Now to figure out where to put the lupine and comfrey.  And zinnias.  Everything else has a place in the garden, but not those.  Do I need to keep them from rabbits?  (Or rather, keep the rabbits from them?  I don't imagine that the rabbits will be bothered by hungry lupine.) 

In my reading yesterday, I came across a wonderful quote about Greek oratory ... "a sea of meaning in a drop of language."  What a delightful picture to ponder!  Especially as regards the word which it was introducing -- Τετέλεσται.

I've been continuing to work on my sweater, and have made good progress.  If I don't get carried away cleaning today, inside or outside, I may well finish the front, leaving me with just two sleeves.

And a bonus picture!  I took a quite photo of my Pfeilraupe while I was at the yarn store yesterday.  I worked it up last month, but neglected to get a picture of it at the time. 

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