Wednesday, April 20, 2016

In which life continues on

The past several days have been delightful, weather-wise.  So delightful, as a matter of fact, that today's high temperature of 60 degrees feels rather cool and damp.  How quickly we soften!  My garden now sports one fenced bed, transplanted kale and swiss chard, plus seeds of pea, radish, and swiss chard.  Two of the kale seeds I planted a few weeks ago came up too!  And yesterday gave us our first harvest of asparagus.  (I am ignoring the fact that the harvest came from the pepper bed-to-be, and not the asparagus-bed-that-is.  I will be picking lots of asparagus out of the peppers this year.)  Jungle control has also begun at my mom's house.  I've got about 12 wheelbarrow-loads of sticks and weeds to burn, once we have a dry day without gale force winds. 

Thanks to mom's yard, I have a fresh source of nettles.  Nettles do everything, healthwise, except for cure cancer.  (That distinction goes to black seed oil.)  ((At least, if you believe everything you read on the web.))  I thought to myself, "What harm can come from trying nettle tea and cooked nettle greens for allergies?"  (Uncooked nettle greens would be bad.  I can see lots of harm coming from that.)  So, I'm experimenting.  One cup of nettle tea, and I'm still here to write about it. 

Our back door still opens, and the vacuum cleaner, put back together with a new belt, actually WORKS!  I vacuumed every carpet in the house.  Now I'm wondering how long the belt had been broken.  I remember picking dog hair and string off one piece of carpet by hand last summer, since the vacuum wasn't getting it.  Yesterday, it cleaned up in a jiffy with just two passes. 

Knitting ... has been delightful.  The Nattroyer has grown a bit, but not too much.  One piece of stealth knitting is done, and another has begun.  The begun one is going to be DELIGHTFUL to knit.  I am looking forward to it.  It's the sort of delightful knitting that makes bedtime a chore.  "But I don't wanna!!!"
Assessing the drape of an unblocked swatch
And so that I can get to the knitting ... I shall leave you here.  Until next week!

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