Wednesday, September 30, 2015


The weekly blog post has gotten skipped the past few weeks.  Who was I to know that, when I set up my reminders for blogging on Tuesday, my light day, that it would become the ONLY day I have something scheduled in the morning?  It's time to move the reminder. 

Windows 10 isn't doing a bad job behaving itself.  The only casualty of my major computer tinkering was that I lost all my bookmarks.  I remembered to export them to a file ... but didn't think to put the file on the external drive.  Ahem.  Well, I do like starting with a clean slate, and making things all tidy ... that's one way to go about doing it.  One thing I'd like to add to Windows 10 is a way to put a file in the start menu.  Otherwise, everything is moving along decently.  All the pesky glitches are GONE!  Except for the racing clock.   My clock tells me it was successfully synchronized today at 9:08AM.  It says it is 12:44PM.  I synchronize it, and poof, it's 12:30!  The lesson around here is - don't check the computer to find out what time it is.

College is going well for the Filii.  Work is going well for the Vir.  Tinkering and puttering is going well for the me.  My days do not suffer from a lack of varied, interesting activity. 

Thanks to a question from my faithful blog reader (waves towards the west), I have been a bit more diligent about reading the 40 Questions about the Law book.  I can't find the question now, alas, but here are my thoughts on the book, halfway through. 

The book is not written for the average person in the church.  It's not even written for the average person who is an active participant in Bible Studies, has dabbled with ancient languages, reads a bit of theology, and is fairly well-versed in doctrine.  The target audience seems to be seminarians, with a decent grasp of seminary-speak.  In explaining what the New Perspective on Paul is, he notes that Sanders espouses Covenantal Nomism ... without really linking up the latter with the former, or doing much more defining of either.  In answer a question about the abolishment of the law, the redemptive-historical and salvation-historical clocks are mentioned (and the web tells me there is a grammatical-historical perspective also) ... and I get rapidly lost.  Sometimes it seems like the answer isn't to the question, but rather to a sub-question which is apparently big in theological towers but is off my radar.

Having said that ... if you have an interest in the use of the word Law in the Bible, and are willing to dig deeply to figure out what the author is saying (or if you read heavy theology for fun), the book might be good reading. 

To lighten things up a bit, I am reading some C. S. Lewis on the side -- Poems, and That Hideous Strength.  I've read the rest of the Space Triology a few times, but barely made it through the third book once.  I'm hoping that 20+ years of life will help me appreciate it more. 

Knitting du jour is a prayer shawl.  Yarn is en route from Nebraska and Cornwall for a hat and gansey, respectively.  Latvian Mittens are floating around in my head.  And someone accidentally introduced me to Turkish Lace, or Knotted Mediterranean Lace, which I am thinking I will really have to learn and practice a bit.  In preparation for that, I've dusted off my tatting supplies. 

Happy almost October, all! 

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Dawn said...

waving back... :)
thank you for the review. As I can read between the lines very well, I am appreciative that you have spared me this read :)

I am currently listening to CS Lewis with the Chronicles of Narnia. Not exactly the same style as the rest of Lewis, but enjoyable to quilt by.
I think I have that space trilogy, and having never been the sci-fi type I have not been enticed in the least! Maybe I can get my hands on the audio books and give them a try..They just spacey!

Is your street going to be put together before the frost hits?