Tuesday, September 01, 2015

In which nothing much has happened

The landscape outside has been constantly changing, but the changes are all of the same sort.  The equipment moves, the dirt moves (thankfully, only with the help of the equipment.  No spontaneous sinkholes or mudslides), and the pipes move. 

It has occurred to me that if the new sidewalk doesn't get laid down by winter, I won't need to be shoveling our front walk.  The silver lining to that potential cloud has been FOUND!

Bandit is starting to have 'issues' when left home alone.  Sunday, the issues required mopping the living room.  Last night, it was a matter of cleaning the fragments of pumice stone from the bathroom floor.  But why, after 5 years of sensible, sane, sound dog-hood, is this happening?  The smoke alarm isn't going off, and there wasn't any construction work going on.  Hmmm.

Both Filius and Filia have survived a first week of college.  We see them at church on Sunday, and it's good to hear more about their weeks. 

Knitting is progressing nicely.  If all goes well today, I may finish the baby blanket I've been working on.  Next up is an intarsia cardigan to finish off the layette.  I'm delighted to have other projects lined up for after that. 

'See' you next week!  (All one of you who read my blog?)

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Dawn said...

No need to worry too long about Bandit chewing.. if he continues chewing pumice stone, he won't have any teeth left. Maybe he has associated those big yellow machines with the beeps and now all he has to do is look at them out there and get pidley.

Your kids are college age, and your profile pic has them when they were still young ones. I wonder what they look like now?? hehe

My apples look like your apricots did. ALL OVER THE GROUND :(

I'm sure you see your page views and there are plenty of us who like to ready your commentary on life :) WHich number am I?