Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Still more apricots

If life goes as planned today (July 29ish), there will be pictures of apricots in this blog.  The plans of life include the rain stopping, the sun coming out, a stiff breeze springing up to dry off the grass, and ... apricots.  Rumor has it that they are almost done dropping, and that if I would just let them rot in the yard they'd be gone in three or four days ... but if they fall for three weeks (and counting), that's a month of a yard overrun with bugs and a reek of fermenting fruit.  Who wants to walk over that to fill bird feeders?  Not moi!

Life today also includes a cherry pie (baking right now, before the day heats up), putting the bean trellis back together, Day 1 of Precept's Leviticus study, and knitting.  Of course it includes knitting.  I hope to have a pattern to test knit by the end of the week, so I will see what small project I can put together from my stash.  This week has seen the Maplewood Mittens, Spruce Mittens, and a Norwegian Stash Hat come off my needles.  My LYS should have yarn in sometime next week for two personal projects, too.  I'm looking forward to it.  It's nice to have space in one's knitting calendar, and it's also nice not to spend most of one's knitting time figuring out what to make next. 

Another project today is cutting a king sized quilt from the thrift store down to a twin bed size.  (Don't panic, Dawn.  It's bright pink on one side, medium pink on the other, and is otherwise unremarkable.  No quilter's feelings or hard labor will be harmed in the dissection of this quilt)  It has only one thing going for it over the quilt it is replacing ... it fits into a household washing machine.  Hopefully this bit of sewing will not turn into a total neglect of the rest of the household in favor of sewing ALL the things.  Like the Roman shades I am idly planning for the downstairs, once the walls and ceiling are re-drywalled.  No date for that yet. I'm not holding my breath, nor am I moving all the books and furniture out yet. Color me pessimistic, but I think the work on the street may finish up first.  Speaking of which ... the street on the other side of the highway from us lost it's top yesterday.  Sidewalks, curb, asphalt ... all sitting in a nice pile outside of town in a field by the grain elevator.  The secondary water supply is in place -- a cute little blue pipe attached to the fire hydrant on the corner, and from thence across back yards for supplying the individual homes.  Where it crosses streets, it's tucked in under a nice comforter of gravel.  Speed bumps for the morning paper boy!

My State Fair entries are all ready to be dropped off.  Since I have a spinning wheel up in St. Paul, I'm hoping to drop off my entries this year rather than mail them in.  Drop off the knitting, pick up the spinning, go to IKEA (which I've never been to, even though it seems just like my kind of store) ... a nice day trip.  My fair offerings this year fall more into the 'humble submissions' category rather than 'exquisite craftsmanship', for the most part.  I am looking forward to sleuthing around on Ravelry to find the prizewinners!

Dog-wise friends ... got any wisdom for the perplexed owner of a dog who has decided that anything that remotely sounds like a chirping smoke alarm (such as a single squeak of an oven shelf expanding as the oven heats up) is grounds for racing upstairs in a panic?


Dawn said...

Carolyn, your knitting is absolutely beautiful. Your apricots are overwhelming the lawn! We have peaches that are dropping and Dave picks them up as fast as he can LOL. And, making an old quilt useful sounds good to me! It may now fit the washer, but will it fit the bed??

You are still waiting for the contractor to do walls? Hmm.much patience required. IKEA! You will spend a whole afternoon browsing :) We don't have one in Idaho, but I've been once when we lived in S. CA. They had nice, cheap book shelves :)

Carolyn said...

Yup, still waiting. We have no date ... if there is no word by September, word is that the power that be will consider the situation. In the meantime, there is contemplation of cutting our sewer pipe open so when the outside construction gets to us, we'll be ready to connect a new pipe to the outside world. I am dubious about having a cut-open sewer pipe, but my neighbor has a spare bed. :)

I haven't ripped out a wall yet, either. I am so poky! Wall still in place, furniture and books still in place ... new birdfeeder gracing the picture window ...

Carolyn said...

And yes, the TWO new quilts will fit the bed. There's not a lot of overhang on the twin mattress, but that works fine for Filia ... three or more of her could easily share her bed, so a quilt that covers the entire top and a bit is more than sufficient. Easier to make the bed, too!