Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Pictures? What pictures?

Hmm.  As I sit down to the computer to write this week's blog post, I see there are no pictures with last week's post, DESPITE carefully loading pictures to some place via my iPad and then putting them in the drafted blog post and publishing it.  Where did they go?  Why aren't they there?  And how can you appreciate the apricots if they're not showing up?

Too many questions for a Wednesday.

Unless it just so happens that I forgot to publish the post, because I wanted to carefully put the pictures near some appropriate text, but never got around to it.  Sigh.  Well, it will just have to be two blog posts this week.  (clicks 'publish' on last week's post)

The king-sized quilt is now two smaller quilts. One is nicely bound with the original binding, and the other has a contrasting binding halfway sewn on ... next step is for Filia to finish tacking it down on the back side.  She's also just two rows and a bind off away from finishing a custom-made-for-her cardigan.  Maybe today will see both projects completed!  I'm eagerly awaiting a sock pattern from a friend, and am passing the time by working on Annemor #9, a pair of mittens in Teri Shea's Selbuvotter.  I'm also redesigning them.  Because of my gauge and yarn choice, they will fit me (unlike a mitten that was knit to the pattern specs).  I've tweaked the cuff design so that the Selburoses are correct, rather than charmingly botched.  And to avoid some issues with a large motif plastered in the middle of a checkerboard pattern, I changed the stitch count on the second mitten.  Other than that, though, I'm following the pattern perfectly!  (Oh, and I worked the thumb gusset on the right mitten so that it matched the one on the left ... I think the chart had an issue with the printer)
The Menu
The apricot production has slowed down, but not before Vir removed over 25% of the branches in an attempt to prevent future overabundances.  He's not done yet. I've discovered zucchini brownies and honey mustard green beans - recipes from Valley Veggies, a farm up the road from us.  We're enjoying Koralik cherry tomates, Amish Pastes, and a few Black Krim tomatoes.  I'm starting to contemplate what to do when the deluge hits.  (Of tomatoes ... not a second world-wide flood.  Ain't gonna happen.)
And the watermelon jumped out of the sling.  Unripe.

Monday, I spent with a friend whose littlest one was having surgery.  It made for a long day - leaving home before 5 AM and getting home not too much before 11 PM - but was a wonderful time of getting to know her better, being a Pack Mule, Manager of Miscellaneous Papers, and Organizer of the Hospital Room.  Tomorrow is the offical 'Get Spinning Wheel and Drop Off State Fair Entries' day, with a side trip to Ikea.  I've never been to an Ikea, but think Filius and I could easily spend a day there.  It's about organizing stuff, right?!

Last Friday I got a stick-to-the-window finch feeder, and have been enjoying the goldfinches jockeying for position at it.  They're at it when I first check in the morning around 6, and keep on until sunset.  The hummingbirds have investigated it, but it's not their sort of food.  (The goldfinches, on the other hand, regard the ant moat at the top of the hummingbird feeder as their personal drinking fountain.)

Until next week ....

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