Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Yet another not-much-progress update

Queen Susan is now on round 73. That means I only managed about 10,000 stitches this week, or somewhere between 6-8 hours of knitting. Poky, poky, poky.

But, I did manage to move forwards. The stack of 'work before play' is much smaller, and I hope to see some real and actual progress this week. Of course, this is also the week to be cultured, and being cultured takes away from knitting time. (We will be cultured at a figure skating show and The Tempest.)

Snippets of my week:
  • A new water heater!
  • A new hole in the bathroom wall (best way to get the basement door unlocked)
  • Green Tea Kombucha is yummy.
  • Asparagus is leaping out of the ground. Anyone local want a half-pound or two?
  • One very short knitting eval and one very long one were completed
  • Taxes are done, paid, and FINISHED.
  • I downloaded 9 free books for my Kindle ... homeschooling catalogs with fun literature selections can be dangerous.

And with that, I think I should go knit. And watch a statistics lecture.

1 comment:

Milly Story said...

Sounds like a very busy and productive week! You deserve some knitting time for sure!