Friday, October 14, 2011

International I Love Yarn Day

Today happens to be I Love Yarn Day. Why anyone needed to pick a particular day in which to love yarn is beyond me. I manage to find time on most (but not all) days to play with yarn.

But in honor of this particular day, and the new Fiber Artist Spotlight at my local yarn store (for which I am the second person so featured), here are some photos of my knitting currently at my LYS. (I love my new camera!)


Shan said...

I love that circular grey shawl. I have just bought two skeins (1500 m each) of merino laceweight in just that colour - a kind of warm dove...I'll have to go check your Ravelry for that pattern name!

Carolyn said...

Gray = Unst, rectangular.

Circular = (Blue/Purple, Shetland Tea Shawl) or (White/Christine Duchrow design, table centerpiece)

And the last photo has my twin Northern Lights Sweaters and the Shetland Sampler Stole. Silly me, should have labeled the photos somewhat.

fruitfulvine said...

Awesome! thanks for sharing!

Gillian said...

The black/dark blue? circular shawl in the upper-right corner of the first photo is gorgeous! Well, they all are, but that caught my eye particularly.