Monday, October 03, 2011

Blank Space

This morning, my students are studying quietly. The bread is rising, the washer and dryer are both running, supper is in the crockpot, and the mail is sorted on the kitchen desk. There's nothing on my to-do list that needs attention at the moment. (I just double-checked to make sure.) It's been much too long since I've carved out space to write on my blog, so here I am.

The past almost-three months have not gone by quietly and uneventfully. There's been Scout Camp, a TKGA conference, the State Fair, Joni and Friends Family Camp, and the start of the school year - both the homeschool one and the filia-taking-classes-at-a-local-college one. Knitting submissions have come, and knitting submissions have gone. Knitting projects have popped onto the needles, and they've popped off the needles. I've read the entire Barchester Chronicles and Palliser Chronicles by Trollope. (I'm a bit lost as to what to read next. I think 13 books by Trollope in a row is probably sufficient and I'd like something a bit more meaty to chew on auditorily.)

We're now into fall. The weather is rather warm for fall, which means it's not corn stove weather yet. This heating season isn't going to see us burning corn, since corn prices have more than doubled since last year. I will have to get used to saying (wood) 'pellet stove', I suppose. It's lovely weather for walking around town. This weekend, my husband and I took the road less traveled and walked away from town, then detoured on path through the fields rather than walk through the dust from a combine in a bean field. It was lovely to walk and see nothing but corn, beans, and the top of a farmhouse and some trees in the distance.

The project on the needles is Sharon Miller's Unst Lace Stole. I love shawls - knitting them, even more than wearing them. I expect to finish it in the next week or two. After tomorrow, there will be one long side left to edge, and then the magic of blocking will turn the gray lump into gorgeous lace. I'm pleased that it won't be too small. A too-small stole can be difficult to wear well. It will rest in my craft room until the fair next year, and then be on its way elsewhere. Sort of like the table centerpiece I knit last year in October, except I haven't sent that one on its way yet.

Facebook is being annoying. I miss being able to see only status updates. I really don't want to have to sort through all the things that people 'share' to find out who is up to what. I'm dipping my toes into the water of Google+, and have deleted Facebook from my browser bookmarks. Poof - several dozens of minutes of each day have been recovered! Just think how much more time there would be in a day if we didn't have bookmarks!

And now ... to get OFF the computer and into my knitting chair.


Shan said...

Wow, Unst! I have been wanting to knit a Sharon Miller design but haven't got round to it. I think it's the ordering from the UK that stalls me.

Regarding your comment on Half Soled Boots...I'm in full agreement. All those malapropisms get me so riled up, though I can never remember them all when I want to. When you reminded me of "inform" I yelled "YES! I HATE THAT!"

There's a very funny song by Sudden Death. The song is called "Business as Usual"...the lyrics can be Googled but they really lose something without the music. You can hear the whole thing in the 38th episode of Cast On, though. Though I'm at risk of a too-lengthy comment, part of the verse goes like this:

Our platform for real-time solutions is facing
Retribution from a government probe, I propose
That we leverage the front-end architecture from those
Infrastructures and engineer a new solution next year
That will enable us to implement the integrated
Network our engineering team has innovated
However, due to Asian market value deflation
We will undergo a massive reorganization
All the engineers will be summarily dismissed
And we'll hire two more managers to oversee this
I understand we'll be short-handed but don't pay it any mind
We can expedite the partnerships and fix the bottom line

fluffbuff said...

I deleted my Facebook bookmark about a year ago and can't say that I missed it. I also transitioned to Google+ but I keep forgetting to check it. It didn't seem like there was much activity after the initial interest. I'll see if I can find you on Google+.

Welcome to autumn. :)