Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's a Bonnie Winter

Some winters go by with no sign of hoarfrost. This winter has seen an abundance of it, and I'd like to think it's welcoming our pastor's wife, Bonnie, to Minnesota. Late last fall we saw a lovely picture entitled "Hoarfrosted Berries" and she commented that she hadn't heard of that variety of berry. I explained to her about hoarfrost so she wouldn't go looking for a hoarfrost plant in the catalogs, and hoped we would get some hoarfrost this year.

Hoarfrost has been abundant! And not only abundant, but the winds have been very light, allowing the trees and bushes (and anything else outside) to retain the extra beauty for several hours. A good wind will wipe hoarfrost right off the landscape in 5 minutes or so.

And my latest knitting toy has arrived. Vir thinks it adds a touch of class to our living room. I love how it lets the yarn fumes grace the room with inspiration.

No more knitting toys for a while. I've got a lot of 2/28NM yarn to work up into a shawl (basket 2), plus some Compass Mittens and toasty warm Brewster Stockings to do. Plus there's the Araucania Ranco in basket 1 to find a project for. Lilleput and Stole? Socks? Time will tell.


Pensguys said...

I like that knitting toy!!!

And the pictures of the hoarfrost are BEAUTIFUL!!!

Deborah said...

What exactly is "hoarfrost" and how is it different from regular frost?

Carolyn said...

Hoarfrost (which Wikipedia tells me is also called Radiation frost ... sounds scary!) is thicker than regular frost. Look at the pictures ... it's not just a little bit of frozen condensation on things, it's a pretty major amount of deposits. When the wind blows after a hoarfrost, it really looks like it's snowing. (In fact, we couldn't see our neighbor's house later in the day during a few gusts of wind.)

Matt and Kris said...

We got one of the best hoarfrosts in my Omaha memory a few weeks ago. Beautiful stuff!

Carolyn said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

I love those photos of the hoar frost - incredible, and so, so beautiful.

I had thought we had turned the corner and were coming down the home straight for spring but according to my forecaster it will be -7C by the end of the week!