Monday, November 30, 2009


One finished bit of cuteness. I can definitely see myself making another. Sock yarn, garter stitch, my favorite size needles ... what's not to love? Garter stitch jackets do take relatively forever ... but it's a BABY size, so I got over it. (Cute model, too, but she needs to grow into the jacket a bit.)
I am now projectless. The yarn for Filius' gansey and the twined hat are in the mail. The test knit is awaiting further input. So it's off to Molly's Fault I go. While dreaming of The Queen Susan Shawl. And Molly said I couldn't blame her for that one. I really can't ... her e-mail just prompted me to check Fleegle's Blog a little earlier in the day than I otherwise would have.
And that really blows the idea of having an All Baltic Year right out of the water. For the Shetlands are, by no stretch of the tsunami, located in or adjacent to the Baltic Sea. If I sail on over to the North Sea, then there goes Haapsalu Sall right off the stern. For Estonia is not in the North Sea.
Maybe I should collect the labels from all the skeins I finish off and take a year-end picture of them? Or keep actual tabs on yardage knit? But that involves paperwork, and I'd rather knit that play with a calculator.
So. On to Molly's Fault. And if the test knit stalls for long enough, perhaps some spinning tomorrow. After delivering more Boy Scout Popcorn. It takes a while to deliver 68 orders.


Pensguys said...

Oh, it's VERY cute!!!

Deborah said...

Oh that Queen Susan Shawl is amazing. Time to clear out some projects.

tarbelt said...

I enjoy your writing style as much as I enjoy seeing your knitting projects, Carolyn.