Saturday, September 19, 2009

Takin' Care of Business

School has started. Three weeks into our first term, all is going well. My hare and tortoise are unequally yoked, perhaps to the benefit of both. We're reading good books, have played happily with subtending arcs and circles, and are beginning to plumb the shallows of set theory. Parsing verbs is becoming par for the course.

Our new pastor is here, and is settling in. The Monday night discussion of the Inferno has begun. My summer Bible Study has finished. And yarn and directions for knitting projects seems to be falling into my lap all at once.

First, the Lithuanian Sweater. It's done now, except for a few ends to weave in, but here's the beginnings of it. Lovely Shibui Knits Worsted Yarn. I'm not sure who it's for, but Filia is angling to have her name put into consideration.

Today I cast on for two projects. One is The Project Which Must Not Be Named, but needs to be done in 3 weeks and may well take me at least two solid weeks of knitting. The other project is a cardigan, which will serve as a nice traveling project while TPWMNBN is under way.

Lurking under my knitting chair are two bags of yarn for the Sandwater Jumper.

Lurking in my knitting box is yarn for Rebecca's Mittens, to match Rebecca's Hat.

And lurking next to the corn stove is a boy hoping for a long cold snap. Except today, he's not lurking. He's installing a fence around the grain bin with Vir, in order to fulfill his pledge to aforementioned Vir, who drove Filius to grandma's to pick up a package which arrived there today. Lego Star Wars II. For Computer.

We normally have stuff sent to us, but Amazon said this item couldn't ship to a PO Box. So we deleted the PO Box. And Amazon said our address didn't check out in their postal records. Which is true, since the postal service doesn't deliver to our house. Enter Grandma's address! And some willing free help for Vir.

I wonder if anyone will want to use my computer this afternoon?

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