Monday, October 13, 2008

You can't judge a skein ...

by its color?
You can't judge a skein's color by its color?
Or perhaps, skeins are hard to judge?

Exhibit A, above, depicts two balls of yarn before use. Exhibit B depicts those Same Two Balls, knit up. (Ideally, Exhibit C should be a close-up of the ball band with the color number and a link to the proper color but the ball band has gone inexplicably missing. (The band turned up! It's color 581)

Oh well. I was looking forward to a blue/red hat. I think I've got pink/green instead. Still, it's warm, and will be warmer yet when I finish it. The plan is to do a checked hem. Toastyness. If a little ice age creeps up on Minnesota (or do ice ages creep down?) I think I just might finally have some people interested in learning twined knitting. It beats acrylic stockinette hands down. Ears unfrozen.

Upcoming knitting includes Mitten 2 of Annemor #4, thumbs and a top for Annemor #5 (I found someone to send me yarn!!!), and baby hats to contribute to Filia's participation in a James 2 project.

Upcoming this evening is chat about Meno, Socrates, and the teachability of virtue.

Upcoming this week is a day visiting friends and talking about knitting.

Upcoming in 2.5 months is Knit From Your Shelf 2009!

So many things to look forwards to.


twistedinstitches said...

2009? I thought that was for 2010? Or was that KNIT FROM YOUR FRIENDS SHELF year?

(getting her years mixed up and her projects out of alignment...again!)

Carolyn said...

2010 is indeed knit from YOUR shelf, my dear. But 2009 is Knit From One's Own Shelf.

Engish. So persnickety. Oh well. Mom is destashing her books so she has a reasonable amount to work with.

Shan said...

Twined knitting - still working on it.

Kate/Massachusetts said...

I love the hat! I am new to twined knitting but have certainly caught "the bug"! Is the pattern for the hat you knit available either for purchase or as a free download? I really like what you did! I've not seen "Poems"'s a new one to me.