Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Random Updates

  1. It snowed on Sunday. I love snow.
  2. The power was out when we got home that day. It stayed off for 6 hours.
  3. Wool sweaters are nice to wear when the power is out.
  4. Hot chocolate, knitting and quiet music get condensed to knitting without electricity.
  5. Our printer is in my list of companies to get coal in their stockings. They changed their printing prices and didn't notify their users of that fact by e-mail.
  6. Adrenaline helps a body regroup quickly and multitask across many browser windows.
  7. The Baby Leggings aren't going anywhere fast.
  8. Boxes in the mail are fun. This week has seen a box from Woolgirl, KnitPicks, two MK boxes, and compression stockings.
  9. Thirty two. That's how many hats we have in the box for Filia's contribution to a James 2 project.
  10. It's time to go knit.

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