Friday, June 06, 2008

Project Showcase

First, we have Calorimetry, knit and modeled by Filia. A nifty way to keep the head warm in winter (which it'snot) while not scrunching long hair. The yarn is from a corriedale roving bought at Shepherd's Harvest and spun by me. Half the roving was about 5 yards shy of being enough to knit the whole thing. Moral of the story: Next time, drop d0wn a needle size.

Next we have the Twisted Hat, in which I come up with a lovely design and really struggle with the concept of triangles. Can I blame it on the similar colors? Probably not. The brim is a bit short, but the hat is otherwise perfect. The yarn is Jo Sharp DK from my stash.

Filius has been busy lately. Yesterday was a 'Grandma Day' for him, since Filia and spent four hours in two hospitals over a hundred miles away. He built with MY legos (and an addition or two) that came to me from the 'bottom of the barrel' at USMC Toys for Tots drives. (speaking of those drives, I also have two Raggedy Ann sleeping bags garnered from a drive. For some reason, he wants a different sleeping bag for his sleepover tonight. Must have something to do with being in double digits)

When not building, Filius is perfecting the art of reading in comfort. Here, you see his set-up a scant minute after being vacated for a refrigerator check. While Filius is perfecting his art, Canis has perfected his ... that of moving into comfortable spots within seconds of their being vacated.
I have two projects on the needles now, at least figuratively. First comes the traveling project. I will cheerfully give the mittens to whoever can correctly identify the colorways used. None of them are handspun. Want a hint? Fingering weight, 100% wool. If you win and the mittens don't fit, you can pick a mitten from my stash after the State Fair or order a custom pair.

And what is REALLY on my needles (since, as you will note, there are no needles in the previous mitten) is a Sanquhar glove. Smile, sigh, swoon. I think I could easily start a new habit of knitting all my mittens in laceweight. I love hot it feels. I love how they're knitting up. I'm thinking of making a small tweak in the pattern - knitting the fingers on smaller needles - since the thumb and pinkie, and all fingers in between, are worked on 33 stitches. In fact, I will pull out the 000 needles and give it a shot. If the worst happens, I'll know it before finishing the index finger and I can frog (not tink... these are easily froggable. BTDT) back to the beginning of the index finger and regroup.

Sanquhars don't work well for knitting at ball games, though. Endocrinology labs, yes, but stop lights and ballfields, no.

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