Thursday, May 29, 2008

Spinning delights

Not much knitting has been happening this week. Filia has begun Calorimetry, and it looks like the second half of the roving she chose will need to be spun like unto the first, so there will be enough yarn to finish. I have been spinning away on the lovely purple roving , and have two skeins drying even now. Better yet, I've got the pattern picked out to knit with it!I wanted something wearable (ie, not a little triangle), something that I'd have enough yarn for (ie, not Mediterranean Lace. I think I have 700-750 yds), and something that will look nice in a heavy laceweight. A large stack of books and a bit of clicking in Ravelry yielded the idea of the Double Edged Scarf (or something like that) from Victorian Lace Today. So, into the queue it goes. The only other thing in my queue is Sanquhar, which is my June Project.

Except today I find that I have a deadline for another project of July 11th. I don't like cutting deadlines close, so Sanquhar may get bumped a bit. It's odd.... I can ignore something forever, but give me a deadline, even a month+ away, and I will get it done ASAP.

Things have been getting knit around here, though. There's a purple/violet twisted hat on my desk that has eluded the camera thus far. It's a nice hat -- a bit short in the brim, but perfect for a flapper hat, so my mom says. I think I'll make another like it, but a bit longer. Easy enough to do. And some half-mitts jumped off the needles last weekend and ran off before I got them photographed. They were boring (one color, next to no texture, and black) -- nothing to see, really. And I'm making progress on a pair of Burgundy Risata socks. At 14" tall, they will take longer than the average pair, but I'm over halfway up the leg of the first one.

Summer seems to be flirting with us. There are the lovely dog days, and then there's the cool damp cloudy gunk that reminds me more of a Maryland winter. Canis likes the dog days, and I like his new tie-out spot, which has saved 3 garden beds from his destructive attention.

One day of school left. Then ... productivity shall strike? I have high hopes and ambitions for this summer. Catching up on all editing (if only some people would stop writing books and desiring to change the old ones), decluttering the house, bit by bit, delightful knitting, keeping up with the garden. But then I look at my June calendar, and see the only thing without writing on it is Tuesday evening. Careful planning may permit ambitions to be realized despite reality; then again, reality may trump all planning. That's why I like winter. A good blizzard trumps all flitting around, and so long as there is electricity for comfort (read - warmth and thawing food), one can get an amazing amount of things done while being housebound.

And absolutely no one expects you to weed a garden and can tomatoes during a blizzard.

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