Saturday, December 22, 2007

Nutella Drinks and other Comfort Foods

Nutella Hot Chocolate is a recipe from Hot Chocolate. The recipe is pretty simple .. take one serving of Nutella, add to one serving hot milk, and mix. I highly recommend NOT using an immersion blender in a full mug. There was a sad and drastic loss of Nutella that day.

Nutella is a favorite spread in this family. I wish I could get it in larger jars than what is sold in the supermarket. If it's more popular than peanut butter worldwide, one would think it came in containers larger than 8 servings. Filius took this photo of his favorite snack.

While we were up at the hospital, Filia met some of the wives of the Minnesota Twins players, and the mascot TC. TC was quite impressed with her cookie, and presented her with an autograph. She was more interested in cookie decorating with the Twins' wives than The Yarnery.

And in keeping with the food theme, allow me to show you what was in the oven with the loaf of bread pictured above.

Yes, mittens were drying in the oven. Mittens baked in the oven. Did you know Trekking changes color at 350 degrees? My camera was staging a focusing strike, so you can't see the cripsiness of the mitten, but believe you me ... it was crispy. I was able to salvage the mittens by cutting off the offended top and knitting a new one. That Trekking yarn is getting quite a workout! From padded footlets (frogged) to mittens (toast), to reknitting toasted mittens, and now the rest of the ball is being used by my mom to make some half-mitts.

Filia was bit by a serious cleaning bug earlier this week, much to the detriment of her schoolwork. I thought it a worthy tradeoff, since my plan was to get schoolwork done and then encourage a hearty room cleaning. She spent the better part of two days sorting, tossing, tossing, donating, and putting away things. Her room is lovely ... and Filius was the recipient of some beanies.


Pensguys said...

YOUCH!!! Oh MY!!!

Trudy said...

I'm in LOVE with Nutella (who wouldn't be--and adding it TO peanut butter is heavenly). Would you just add a serving of Nutella to a cup of warm milk to make a cup--or do you need to cook it together? Sounds yummy--but I can eat it off a spoon!

By the way--found you from Ravelry form your many beautiful projects. I'm Bluebird49 and I have very few so far--I have Fibromyalgia, and it makes for SLOW knitting and foggy thinking , sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Wandered through your blog and thought I would mention that Nutella does come in larger jars at Costco. The jars are 26.5 oz jars and they are sold 2 jars wrapped. for under $8.00. I buy it all the time, as it is a favorite in my house too.