Thursday, December 27, 2007

Milk is easier to get off dark skeins

subtitle: Why I should have been more careful setting my Hot Vanilla down this evening.

(Hot Vanilla: 1 cup hot milk, 1 t vanilla, 1 t (or T) sugar. Mmmm. Sticky.)

I set my mug down in its usual resting spot in the top of my workbox. Except the top of my workbox wasn't squarely settled in the box, and it tipped. 11 ounces (I saved one) of hot milky beverage all over
  • The balled yarns from Fililus's frogged pullover
  • The Leisure Arts raglan sweater booklet which has been in my family for two generations
  • The yarns for the Endpaper Mitts
  • The yarns for my buttonhole article
  • Filia's gauge swatches for her cardigan
  • Several needles and a needle gauge
  • The floor
  • The rug under my chair
  • My dog
  • A ruler
I will have some sticky yarns to work with for a while, I think. It did miss my 'pretty basket of yarns' and the bag I'd taken with me to Knit Night, so I have some breathing space before facing yarns that go crackle in the night. And really, most things got off with just a dollop or so of milk around the edges. The raglan book got the worst of it, and it's clothespinned to the stove hood.

Elmer's glue really is water-soluble. I have another glue drying this very moment, hopefully securing the lip of the box tray to the actual tray. The Elmers washed off quite nicely with the hot beverage.

Filia's swatch tags, written in beautiful fountain pen, are illegible. This is a perfect reason to finish my Pendemonium order off with some bullet-proof inks. I really do need them! Britannia's Blue Waves, or one of the Russian inks, or Iraqi Indigo, or ???

The Refined Aran Cardigan is no more. It, too, requires a sport weight yarn. I have a DK yarn, and this morning Filia and I picked out a Drops design which will work. The gauge swatch was PERFECT until I tossed it in the dryer, at which point it grew width-wise and shrunk lengthwise. And it looks ratty. So, this Swish DK cardi will be machine wash, air dry. It's going to get started (because Filia has finished the Baby Surprise Jacket, thus freeing up my long cable) as soon as I finish NHM #8. I've got the thumb and a bit left, so tomorrow should see the start.

Then, whatever shall I have for a travelling project?


Milly said...

So sorry to hear of the accident. don't know if this will help with hot vanilla drink, but my husbands library puts books and other paper items in the freezer to remove liquid from them and save them. The liquid is usually water, like when water pipes burst and flood the library, but it might be an option before having to toss anything.

Good Luck!

Pensguys said...

That pains me more than that all the baked knitting! LOL

Just A Mom said...

Sticky yarn AND a sticky dog?

You poor dear.

Condolences sent accordingly.


Nope, never done that...unless you count when I spilled hot chocolate on the cross stitch project (lap quilt) AND the term paper. (final copy)


Learning to live with life's little spills is not easy sometimes.